Coward, Traitor, or Both?

Every time I think this administration has hit rock bottom, it begins to dig.

So it was with the recent revelation that the Russian government has been paying bounties on the heads of American soldiers to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and criminal gangs associated with them. ($100,000 apiece, by some accounts.)

This is an outrage, of course. But it is nothing next to the outrage that the Trump administration, and almost surely President Donald Trump himself, has known about it since at least February (and by some accounts, over a year ago, in March 2019) and DONE NOTHING ABOUT IT.

As in zero, zilch, nada, nil, ничего, bupkes.

As I tire of writing week after week, that would be a presidency-ending scandal in any previous administration, Republican or Democratic.

The intelligence is highly credible. US servicemembers are known to have been killed during this period, some in especially suspicious green-on-blue attacks by Taliban infiltrators. Following the money a la Deep Throat, US intelligence has forensically tracked the transfer of cash from the Russian security services to Taliban groups. Even if there remained a scintilla of doubt, the evidence is sufficient to confront Russia at the very least.

Instead, during that period, Trump spoke with Vladimir Putin at least six times and did not utter even a peep of protest. On the contrary, he stumped for Russia to be readmitted to the Group of 7 and unilaterally offered an invitation over the objections of the other members. He also impulsively decided to pull US troops out of Germany, where they have been stationed since 1945, an enormous gift to the Kremlin.

What possible reason could Trump have for this headsnappingly horrific behavior?

As usual, he denies that the story is true, calling it a Democratic hoax designed to deny him the re-election that the American people are clamoring (Just look at his sky-high poll numbers)! Meanwhile, out of the other side of is sphincter-like mouth, he insists that he simply wasn’t told about the bounties.

Here’s one tweet:

The Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party. The secret source

Robert Edwards / The King's Necktie

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