Don’t Count on the Military to Save Our Democracy

That’s not its job — it’s ours

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US Marines running past the body of a fallen enemy soldier during the Korean War, September 1950. Photo: David Douglas Duncan

The Cavalry Ain’t Coming

As Ramona notes, in most countries, an aspiring autocrat aiming at president-for-life status requires a critical mass of backing from the armed forces.


Of course, we are looking at this from a progressive perspective, in which the military steps in to enforce the rule of democracy and remove Trump… his fingernails, presumably, with a death grip on the door jamb of the Oval Office, his body fully horizontal as four Army Rangers bodily try to carry him out.

Republicans Love the Private Sector

Some on the left have scoffed that the “military” has already employed force against peaceful protestors, pointing to Lafayette Square, Portland, and elsewhere. The claim is off base, but fed by right wing rhetoric and actions that deliberately muddy the waters.

The Losers and Suckers Speak

So how much support does Trump really have among the US military community?

How to Save a Democracy

Of course, we really don’t want the military to have to step into domestic politics. When that has happened in other countries, it has usually been to crush democracy, not save it. Generally speaking, tyrants are removed by popular uprisings, which the military may join, but rarely leads.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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