History Will Shake Its Damn Head

American democracy continues sleepwalking toward disaster….

The American punditocracy was recently rattled by news that the US Supreme Court will hear Donald Trump’s absurd claim that, while president, he was a king who could have legally ordered SEAL Team Six to cap Joe Biden.

I know that’s not the specific scenario in United States vs. Donald Trump, but it’s a thought experiment that was posed in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals when it heard the case, and is very much the gist of what SCOTUS has agreed to decide.

And by so doing, the Supreme Court itself may have had the effect of capping Joe Biden.

It boggles the mind that the highest court in the land is even bothering with this ridiculous appeal, one that has been thoroughly debunked by lower courts, and the consideration of which poses vast dangers to the republic. But bothering it is, which is all the more ominous as a harbinger of what is coming next, either by accident or design.

So let me jump ahead to the conclusion, for those without the time to slog through this whole essay:

American democracy is at grave risk from a homegrown neo-fascist movement, one that is abusing the very mechanisms of that democracy in order to undermine and destroy it. And the people and institutions that comprise that…



Robert Edwards / The King's Necktie

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