If this essay was meant as satire, it was superb. Because it's impossible to believe it was meant to be taken seriously.

To accuse Democrats of pettiness, seeking revenge, or not paying attention to the urgent issues facing the country is rich. The Biden administration is hard at work on the very things you scold it over, with your snide exhortation to stop “farting around" and grow up." ("Do something about that godawful mess in Texas. Get cracking on vaccinations. Get the economy back open and people back to work.”)

We can walk and chew gum at the same time, as the saying goes, and address all those urgent matters while still reckoning with the sins of the past. The purpose of punishing Trump is not spite: it’s accountability, which is essential for a functioning democracy, which Trump did his very best to destroy.

Do Democrats have a candidate "strong enough to defeat Trump” in 2024? Yes, actually: the one that just beat him by seven million votes four months ago, and whose swift and aggressive actions thus far have earned historic approval ratings, including a significant number of Republicans and independents.

Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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