If You Ain’t Cheatin’

Principle is for suckers, apparently.

Republican special counsel Robert Hur, with his message for America.

“If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying,” one of my old sergeants used to say, and he was only half-joking. Maybe a quarter.

That also appears to be the motto of Republican attorneys. From special counsels to Supreme Court justices, right wing jurists are making a mockery of the law, and worse than that, doing it under a dishonest cloak of alleged impartiality.

We need not even discuss the legal maneuvering of Trump’s revolving door of lawyers and the spurious motions they regularly deploy to try to delay his various trials in hopes he will soon be a dictator who can squash them permanently. That’s what he hired them to do, and we should expect nothing less from a shyster who would take that job.

No: I’m talking about officials in the justice system who are supposed to be honest brokers and patently are not. (It also works in medicine — see retired Rear Admiral — sorry, demoted to O-6 — Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former Trump White House physician, now a Big Lie Republican Congressman representing Texas.)

I am not calling for an unreasonable standard of purity, or naively suggesting that bias can be eliminated from politics. Inevitably, ideological interest creeps into legal and judicial decisions all the time, even with otherwise reputable jurists. But what we’ve seen…



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