Interesting theory, but it fails on two counts IMHO.

First, Trump does claim moral superiority. His enemies are demonic, treasonous, criminal, etc etc. That his claim is risible matters not a whit. He doesn’t own his flaws; he claims they don’t exist, or if they do, aren’t flaws at all. Not the same thing as offering "a truly safe space for human frailty.”

Likewise, the American right wing is just as bad as the left (if not worse) in its “you’re either with us or against us” ethos.

That said, kudos to Braver Angels; the more of that bridge-crossing we can get, the better…..with the caveat, as Rebecca Solnit recently wrote, that we are truly trying to come together as Americans and not, as has often been the case, being told we have to “reach out” and make nice with racism, sexism, and fascism, as if they were legitimate political viewpoints. I know plenty of Trump supporters and I do believe we can find common cause in many areas. But the strain of Trumpism that traffics in hate and oppression has no place in the truth & reconciliation phase to come

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