It’s fitting that you start with a quote from a Hollywood movie, because your entire take on this is fictional. (And you might want to watch that movie again, b/c the guy you’re quoting is the villain, who gets frogmarched off in cuffs at the end.)

I answered all of your questions in my piece….either you didn’t read it or you did read it and are merely repeating arguments I already discredited. I’m sorry you found it long; I know you may prefer stuff more like Barr’s four-pager, especially when it’s wildly misleading, deceptive, and sometimes outright disinformation. But I’ll hit a few highlights for you:

I’m afraid you and your side are the ones putting words in Mr. Mueller’s mouth. Lack of an indictment for a criminal conspiracy does not mean that there was no conspiracy, only that charges aren’t being brought, in part precisely b/c of the obstruction of justice, for which Trump escaped prosecution only because of DOJ policy. But his immunity won’t last forever, which is what has Emmet Flood in a frothing fury right now.

More to the point, “collusion,” you might be surprised to learn, is not a legal term, but your use of it is indicative of the right wing effort to muddy the waters and claim exoneration when it doesn’t exist. As Lindsey Graham will tell you, a president need not be guilty of a criminal offense to be deemed unfit for office, and the Mueller report is a scathing summary of Trump’s unfitness no matter how much you lie to yourself and pretend it isn’t. Would you have been fine with it if Obama had turned a blind eye to Saudi interference in our elections, denied he’d done that, lied about his massive business connections with Riyadh, and then tried to shut down a special counsel investigation into it all? No need to answer; we all know you’d be howling for his head.

Your comparison of Team Trump’s actions with Clinton’s is patently absurd. No reasonable person could look at the sheer volume and extent of the former and compare it to the latter. (Do you not know, for example, that is was Trump’s GOP primary opponents that first hired Fusion GPS, or are you just conveniently ignoring that fact? Hard to know, as ignorance and dishonesty are equally prevalent in MAGA Nation.) But such is the same old tedious right wing hysteria toward HRC, irrationally out of proportion to the real person, warts and all, betraying a deeper pathology.

Lastly, your description of the Russian hack of the DNC and dissemination of that stolen info by WikiLeaks as a “public service” says a lot about you, sir. When you welcome a foreign attack on the United States — cyber, physical, or otherwise — you have gone beyond partisanship and into borderline treason. But Rudy says that’s cool now, right?

In closing, I’ll tell you that as a former conservative myself, I’m deeply saddened to see what the American right has devolved into. Kid yourself all you want, but history is not going to be kind to this administration or those of you who supported it.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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