Progressive mobs routinely break out into chants of “No USA at all” (it rhymes with “no racist wall”).

Philip, you’re killing me with comedy. I assure you that I am much more familiar with what goes “routinely” on in “progressive mobs” (to use your preferred language) than you are, and what you’re describing is ridiculous. It damn sure runs far behind “Lock her up!” or “Send her back!” Hilariously, you have seized on some random chant you saw on Hannity or Lou Dobbs as evidence of a grand conspiracy, but insist that the numerous incidents of right wing extremism and violence that we continue to see are anecdotal only. (That you and Trump insist on always characterizing these hypothetical right wing outliers as “fat losers” is a pathology all your own.)

The plain fact is, the number one form of domestic terrorism in the United States is that perpetrated by far right wing white supremacists, and it is readily fueled by your self-styled leader, who consistently spews hate, encourages violence, and lies as readily as he breathes. Believe otherwise if you wish but the numbers do not lie. (That’s Trump’s job.) You admit it yourself with your allusions to Charlottesville, which you seem suspiciously eager to excuse. Where is the left wing equivalent? But “fine people on both sides,” right?

“Bad faith opposition to deportations and detention”?

I assure you, the opposition of decent human beings to the incarceration, abuse, and torture of innocent children is very much genuine. This you call “routine border control”? Shame on you, sir. And by repeating the lie that Obama committed the same sins on this front you betray your own ignorance, and/or willingness to spread falsehoods for partisan gain. Look it up somewhere reputable (even though you “routinely” dismiss every reputable news outlet as “fake”).

Furthermore, the progressive mobs and their mantras are overwhelmingly the handiwork of “education” at the hands of tenured university professors. This is not bizarre right-wing conspiracy theory, it is something that can be seen with our lyin’ eyes!

Zzzzz. Same old conservative sob story and conspiracy theory. But I do realize it goes well with the right wing’s mule-like Know Nothing anti-intellectualism.

This is much worse than a mere conspiracy theory, it is a systemic and institutionalized slander being participated in by most of the mainstream media, the Democrat Party, and the oligarchs of Silicon Valley.

Sigh. All the usual suspects, huh? Academics, the media, Silicon Valley. You left out Hollywood. This idea that mainstream progressives want to destroy America as we know it is a hysterical figment of the Fox/Breitbart/Infowars disinformation industrial complex. That is very infinite loop of malignant ignorance about which I wrote.

And with that I must leave you permanently, as I have already wasted too much time on your deeply deluded and sorrowful ideology. I feel compelled only to invite you again to take a good hard look at the man and the policies you are defending, and think about whether or not you want your children’s children’s children to be deeply ashamed of you.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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