Sir: Since you’re so outraged about Eric Holder, are you equally outraged about Bill Barr? I have a feeling you’re not.

Your comments betray a typical right wing, Fox News-besotted false narrative, much of which is quite simply flat wrong. (For example, the lie that the whole SCO was comprised of “partisans” picked from the DNC, or that leadership of the FBI is similarly biased, etc. It sure must be hard to govern when, Captain Queeg-like, you see enemies everywhere.)

Likewise, surely you are aware that it was Trump’s Republican opponents, not the DNC, that first hired Christopher Steele. The rest of your comments characterizing his inquiry, the FISA warrants, and what you disingenuously describe — without evidence — as “clear conflicts of interest” fall into that same category of unsubstantiated reactionary fabulism.

And oh my God — are you STILL on about Hillary’s email, even after a slew of Trump’s top lieutenants have all been caught using private email accounts, not to mention far worse violations of operational security (using unsecured smartphones, handing TS/SCI intel over to the Russians on a silver platter in the Oval Office, meeting with Vladimir Putin without anyone from the USG present)??? Give me a break, guy. Bonus points though for tying it to the Clinton Foundation; I suppose you have no problems with the Trump Foundation, which was such a demonstrable con that the NYS AG ordered it shuttered?

Lastly, it is the height of irony that you trumpet Bill Barr’s already ironic comment that Congress should stop using criminal investigations to score political points. This from a supporter of a president who has broken every norm in trying to turn the DOJ into his own personal pack of attack dogs (and the AG into his own consigliere), repeatedly urging it to launch brazen, politically motivated criminal investigations of his enemies — the very epitome of gangster rule that the Founders sought to prevent. You accuse me of hypocrisy when your own is neck deep.

So with all due respect, sir, come back when you have hard facts to support your risible claims, and not the usual MAGA brand Kool-Aid. To that end, I’ve attached another essay for your reading pleasure, addressing this right wing feedback loop of lies and lunatic mythology.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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