Thank you for your comment. I do blame Trump, but that was not the point of the essay, only incidental. The point was to speculate about what he will do next.

Your point about the sham vote that the GOP-controlled House held right before fleeing town is sheer misdirection; Trump did not then and still does not now have enough votes in the Senate — even from his own party — to get what he wants. Likewise the misdirection about previous Democratic votes re walls: the issue is not what constitutes the best border security, but rather Trump’s insistence that a wall is a panacea, and for a crisis that is of his own making, and wildly misrepresented for partisan purposes. (As you surely know, many immigration hardliners themselves oppose the fixation on a wall, as they know it is no solution.) You also seem unaware that the meme about the walls around Pelosi’s house and Obama’s are lies, spread by the right wing media that specializes in such fake news. You destroy your own credibility by citing them.

To your point about the paltriness of a $5.7B request: you are making my point, not your own. The meaninglessness of the figure speaks to the absurdity of Trump’s insistence that this is a national emergency that demands we set our hair on fire, and betrays what it really is: a stunt to appease his base and distract from his numerous other troubles.

I invite you to think about whether this crusade to build a wall is in fact “good for the country”; I’ve attached a link below as food for thought.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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