Thank you for your comment, Alexander. I agree that none of us are objective; what I hoped to call out in my essay was the hypocrisy of the right wing when it comes to its treatment of Trump as opposed to Obama, even accounting for subjectivity and bias. Perhaps you would say that the left is guilty of the same sin (although I think the record shows otherwise). More to the point, I am curious why you think the talks in Singapore were a resounding success? In my piece I outline all the reasons to believe quite the opposite, and subsequent events since the summit have borne that out. To wit: North Korea has not taken any of the steps toward denuclearization that it promised. Even Trump’s own National Security Advisor John Bolton has said so, just a month ago (see link below). The DPRK is engaging in precisely the sort of deception and gamesmanship that it has historically practiced, and that I and many others predicted in the wake of Singapore, which is why many informed people were so skeptical of the summit and Trump’s hyperbolic claims for success.

That said, thank you again for engaging.

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