Thank you for your comment. However, I would submit that you, sir, are the one unwilling to face objective reality and instead bathing in fiction. Any unbiased survey of the facts will reveal as much; I encourage you to seek them out. Naturally, any facts that clash with the right wing narrative inevitably result in feet-stamping, breath-holding denial and attacks on the credibility of the messenger (i.e., “The New York Times? Fake news!”) This is the true sign of wanton delusion, in which you duly engaged.

Notwithstanding Russian (and Saudi and other foreign) interference, I don’t call Trump’s election “illegitimate.” On the contrary: what alarms me is that so many Americans DID support this con man. (Not a majority, though — that’s a different problem.) It is the right, not the left, that can’t get over 2016, as you can’t stop talking about it. Ironic also that you cite the Republican WMD lie as evidence of the MSM’s lack of credibility. The media certainly fell for it, but it was a lie propagated by the same shameless GOP machine that has given us Trump.

Since we obviously disagree about everything including the color of the sky, I have a modest proposal for you. What say we each cling to our beliefs, and see which of us history remembers as the pathetically deluded one who couldn’t face reality and swallowed whole a shameless raft of lies and absurd conspiracy theories.

I’m confident about my chances.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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