Thank you for your comment, Kristi, though I strongly disagree.

I don’t think it’s correct that all forms of political sin are equal. You and I obviously disagree about the relative merits and demerits of Trump and HRC. For my money there is no comparison: they may both be bad, but one is bad like acne and the other one bad like leprosy. But we need not waste time debating which is which, as Hillary is a private citizen now with no power and will never run for office again. So let’s just talk about Trump, and whether he is in fact doing damage to the country or not.

In brief: I am a lifelong military man and I will tell you that Trump’s foreign “policy” is a dangerous joke. With his bootlicking of Putin, his attacks on NATO, his cozying up to dictators, his undermining of international law, and his generally erratic behavior he has done more to set back US national security than any enemy ever could. Domestically, the strong economic recovery of which you speak was begun by Obama; Trump’s chief accomplishments there have been to start a trade war and give a massive tax break to the rich at the expense of the rest of us. And above all, Trump’s attacks on the rule of law and a free press are doing grievous harm to the democracy that we all love.

So yeah, his campaign did stuff they shouldn’t have but Trump isn’t Hitler and none of his team are evil. Maybe unaware of technical laws concerning how you defend yourself and no-nos when running a presidential campaign.

Here is where I take issue with you most strongly. With all due respect, you are being absurdly generous to him and his team and underplaying what he (and they ) did. I ask you to look into your heart and answer honestly if you would be this forgiving if Obama or Hillary had done these same things, from refusing to release his taxes, to refusing to divest from his businesses, to holding secret meetings with hostile foreign powers and lying about it, to paying hush money to porn stars, to relentlessly attacking (and sometimes firing) the decent public servants who were simply doing their jobs in investigating him, and on and on. (Based on how angry you are at HRC for far less egregious sins, it’s hard for me to believe that you would be.)

Mueller didn’t reccomend charges because he saw the difference between criminal intent and just unawareness concerning technical issues.

See above. These are not minor “technical issues,” ignorance is no defense, and a fifth grader knows that when a Russian spy approaches you you ought to call the FBI, not accept their help and then deny it.

There just is no there there. Be glad our President is not a Russian puppet and please moveon already.

Again, here we differ strongly. There’s tons of “there there” and it’s all in the Mueller report. How is Trump NOT a Russian puppet when he takes Putin’s side on everything, even over his own intel community? No there there? When he swears he has no business interests in Russia and then is shown to be negotiating a multimillion dollar real estate deal in Moscow, which he again lies about, including offering Putin himself a $50M penthouse as a bribe? Again, with all due respect, if Hillary was shown to have done something like that you’d be screaming for her head.

In closing, I do believe that we are both loyal Americans who only want the best for our country. But I beseech you to consider whether or not Donald Trump is really deserving of your loyalty.

Thank you again.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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