Thanks for your comment. I think you make a lot of good points. However, what you call Trump’s “naive willingness to do what others have not in the NK situation” I would describe as simply being outfoxed. The Kim regime has long craved a summit with a US president; Trump gave it to them in exchange for nothing. What kind of negotiating is that? In fact, he gave them far more than that: he handed them a massive propaganda coup, including photos of the two leaders smiling together side by side, the DPRK shown on the world stage, as America’s equal, incontrovertible proof that their nuclear program brought the US to the bargaining table, and (subsequent to my essay) lavish praise that their propagandists will dine off of for years to come. And now it appears the — far from “denuclearizing,” as Trump foolishly claimed, Pyongyang is going full speed ahead with its weapons program.

I take your point that the old way wasn’t working. If this were a normal president — an Obama or even a Bush — I would be open to the idea of a bold new stroke. But nothing Trump has done in his presidency (in his entire life, in fact) leads me to believe he has a plan……only a juvenile moment by moment quest for adoration. (See my previous essay on the topic, “Only Nixon Could Go to China….But Nixon Was, Like, Smart.”

Could not agree with you more that the fault lies with us, the American people, for electing this buffoon (to the extent that we did elect him). And if we did it again in 2020, or even before that, fail to punish the GOP in the midterms, our reputation will be sealed as dimwits who deserve what we get.

Thanks again for writing.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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