The filibuster is not the issue; the GOP never made any effort to fund the wall when they held both houses. We are in this shutdown now only because Trump —after incurring the wrath of Ann Coulter—belateldy insisted on it, boxing his party in. You might also recall that he bragged on TV that he would proudly own the shutdown and would not blame the Democrats for it. Unsurprisingly, he has reneged on both. (And wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for it in the first place?) Technically speaking, or at least in terms of gamesmanship, Trump is within his rights to keep the government shut down, over the wall or whatever else he wishes. The question is whether that is advisable and indeed true to his job description of protecting the best interests of these United States.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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