What I meant was, we have not yet reckoned with what having elected Trump means for and about America.

As for the article by Jennifer Poyer, I’m afraid I couldn’t disagree more. I think this downplaying of Trump’s sins is extremely myopic, especially when twinned with the contention that the real threat to the republic is all the “hate” directed at him. Really?

Poyer seems remarkably forgiving of everything Trump does, often going to gymnastic lengths to excuse and defend him. She buys into the thoroughly discredited myth of this consummate con artist as business genius, and echoes Trump’s own attacks on the press and his shameless claims that there is some “deep state” conspiracy against him. (Oh, but the investigations into Russiagate are unfounded.) She even goes full-on Mark Meadows in trotting out the ol’ claim that pictures of Trump with “Mohammad Ali” (sic) or Spike Lee are evidence that he’s not a racist. The piece lays claim to a kind of libertarian superiority even as it parrots talking points that one can hear on Fox News every night, all delivered in the sanctimonious, “I alone know the truth” tone of a college freshman — or Trump himself.

Look, I get it. I have friends who — like Ms Poyer and you too I’m guessing — voted for Trump b/c they wanted to “shake up” the status quo. I understand that, although I didn’t think that was wise then and I’m even more convinced now. It is risible — or willfully dishonest — to pretend that this presidency is just politics as usual, or even more absurd, actually an improvement on administrations past. I suspect posterity will not treat that essay — or that mentality — kindly.

And with that, Jim, you and I may have reached our agree-to-disagree event horizon.

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