With all due respect, in this piece you never get around to making the argument that your headline claims.

You thoroughly state your dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party, and the reasons why, but never justify why you feel obliged to spend all your time bemoaning its sins while giving a pass to the other party, which is by your own admission far worse.

This failure is not a matter of being forced to settle for the lesser of two evils. It is a mulish obsession with the shortcomings of the only party that stands a chance of stopping a full blown authoritarian takeover of the United States, while allowing that other party to set the country on fire.

Is the Democratic Party perfect? Far from it. But you have made that point, repeatedly. It is not enough to say, “Oh, we all know Trump and the GOP are evil; why belabor the point?” One can criticize the Democratic Party and push it left without being a non-stop font of propaganda that only serves the Republican cause.

Please explain how you intend to stop Donald Trump if not with a Democratic victory in November, after which our side will hold the levers of power and the progressive movement can leverage change, as Bernie and others have already indicated they will do.

The only alternative I have seen you propose in these pages is revolution. Are you suggesting that letting the GOP destroy this country is a better path to a progressive utopia than incremental change under a Biden administration? I would suggest that 170,000 dead, the economy in a shambles, and police beating people in the streets, the former goal has already been achieved.

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Writer, filmmaker, and veteran — blogging at The King’s Necktie @TheKingsNecktie

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